Stay Ahead of Changing Opinion.

Track reactions to events and politics

Our data helps political stakeholders, news organisations and others to understand how narratives around subjects are changing, either in real-time, or over historical timelines.

Access Exorde's data to pinpoint the platforms and actors driving the topics that matter to you around the world in any language.

Exorde's Data Features:

  • Aggregations starting at minute-by-minute updates.
  • Full historical data available
  • Over 150 social metrics (signals) per topic (e.g. COVID, Joe Biden, Global Warming, etc.).
  • Competitive data: 3+ million unique posts, messages & articles processed every day, 1+ billion items a year, from 1500+ unique sources.
  • Sources: social media, online forums, national/local forums, news articles, RSS feeds, emerging social platforms*.
  • All languages - 70% English content, 7% Japanese, 6% Spanish, etc.
  • More than 50 million tweets every month.
  • 80% of worldwide daily newspapers.
  • 5000+ main topics tracked.
  • 50k+ unique keywords.
  • 100+ languages.
  • Detailed breakdown of 27 quantified emotional volumes.
  • From general themes (e.g. Global Warming, COVID, Protests, etc.) to specific topics and companies (e.g. Joe Biden, Tesla, Apple, etc.).
  • Advanced NLP and LLMs for deep, insightful metrics and language understanding.
  • Exorde captures posts in real-time, allowing for analysis even after deletion (millions of tweets and forum threads/posts are deleted every day).

Ukraine/Russia Report

Explore a comprehensive report of how Exorde's data can be used to analyse the flow of public sentiment and information around the ongoing conflict opposing Russia and Ukraine today.

In this report you will learn about how Exorde's data can be used to:
  • Hightlight spikes in activity online around a topic (number of discussions, number of mentions).
  • Perform live emotion & sentiment analysis on discussions around any topic.
  • Quickly classify categories of conversations depending on their stance on a topic.
  • Trace online conversations back to the public accounts of their originators.
  • Highlight unusual activity around any topic online.
  • Monitor any topic discussed live online by: language used, platform on which the discussion takes place, and direction of the conversation (if people are talking in favor or against said topic for example).