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Social Media Intelligence

We record and analyse billions of Social Media and News Posts in real time
Our actionable data shows what is being said and how people feel
about any subject, brand or event in the world

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Cyber Defense - Social Data Feeds - Market insights


High-accuracy market intelligence.

Alpha-driving signals
Unique market data

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Monitor narratives with a modern data approach.

Watch live shifts in public opinion

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Consume the raw stream

Support any
data use case.

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Ingest social data - Plug social metrics into your strategies - understand what people think about live politics - monitor brands - track topics

  • Unrestricted scope: consume data about any topic or keyword
  • 100 000 000+ monthly posts via our real-time endpoints
  • Flexible: ingest raw datapoints, or compiled metrics (minutely to monthly)
  • 50+ unique metrics: sentiment, emotions, topics and advanced classification
  • Modern NLP/LLMs for the best annotations (translations, emotions, entities)
Last hour posts:
177 086
All-time archived posts:
200 000 000