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'Knowledge Itself is Power.'
- Sir Francis Bacon, 1597

Exorde records and analyses millions of news articles and social media posts a day in real-time. Our data protects against narrative harms, foreign Interference and disinformation, predicts real-world financial market moves, and empowers decisions.

Threat Narrative Analysis - Financial Asset Predictive Analytics - Risk Intelligence


Track asset performance against our sentiment and emotion analytics. Employ new trading strategies based on unique trading signals

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Watch live shifts in public opinion about any topic, in any language, anywhere. React to sentiment instantly

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Integrate our data into your platform, your applications and your services. Contact us for tailored plans to match your use cases.

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Plug social metrics into your trading strategies - understand what people think about live politics - or monitor your brand reputation

Exorde Platform Features

  • Thousands of actively monitored topics and millions of keywords
  • 100+ unique indicators to accurately quantify the Web
  • Enrich data-driven use cases with valuable metrics and opinions from the entire web
  • 100 Million+ posts per month for the most accurate data search & analytics engine
  • Real-time processing over 100 languages
Posts Processed over the last Hour:
177 086
Posts & Articles in our Historical Dataset:
200 000 000