What about fake news?

May 16, 2024
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Rumors and false information have existed since the dawn of mankind, but if they were once local, now they can spread all over the world in a blink of an eye through social networks. However, if they used to remain local at the time, they are now able to spread around the world in a couple of seconds because of social networks. They affect a wide audience. 4.48 billion people are active on social networks each month and 56.8% of the global population is part of a social network (Statista, July 2021).

With such a large number of users comes a gigantic production of information. About 240,000 photos are posted on Facebook and 500,000 tweets are posted in a minute.
In this stream of information, it is hard to distinguish false information. It has been estimated that only 12 people are directly responsible for 65% of the false information on covid in the USA.
This misinformation poses a direct threat to societies by polarizing society between “ pro “ and “ anti “ camps that rely on two completely different situations based on what is read on social media feeds.

-Decentralization as a solution-

Through Exorde, we aim to add nuance to this stream of information by tracing the diffusion of information across the web and connecting similar facts to each other. We intend to source every piece of information.

To do so, we are building a decentralized economy and community dedicated to scraping and connecting all the public data passing through the web. Contributors will be rewarded with the cryptocurrency we created and will be able to progress in our system over time.

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