SKALE & Exorde: The Perfect Use Case For Decentralization

May 16, 2024
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Since its conception, it has been clear for us [the team at Exorde Labs] that the system we are trying to build would require a very large amount of smart contract transactions to sustain, as well as a dedicated chain capable of scaling with Exorde’s hunger for data. SKALE has always fit that bill perfectly for us, and we will now delve into more detail about our collaboration up to this point.

First and foremost, let’s talk about Exorde’s need for a decentralized execution layer.

Our main objective with Exorde is to collect all the sides of the information, all over the world, all at once, regardless of political views and opinions. In time, we wish to offer the possibility to everyone to be able to obtain an un-biased viewpoint of important current events by viewing all the sides of the same story (in opposite to getting only the viewpoint of a specifics country on the subject).

To achieve this, we have resorted to establishing the first decentralized data scraping platform aimed at extracting and selling the overall reputation of specific subjects on the Web.

Exorde’s code is open-source; anyone can read and use our code, therefore making Exorde fully transparent.

Exorde’s data is obtained through several series of consensus-based data-related WorkSystems, ensuring that every decision passes through different actors, with different interests & viewpoints, to obtain a neutral output.

Finally, Exorde is a community-based protocol, incentivizing “contributors” to run an open-source module on their terminals to collect data and extract sentiment from it, in exchange for EXD tokens.

Each operation, every vote, every action is a different transaction within this protocol. With over 400 transactions per minute at testnet launch, Exorde aims to establish itself as the reference in Web reputation analysis in the near future. More information about our metrics can be found here:

So how do we execute all those transactions on our smart contracts and don’t spend a fortune while doing it? Enter SKALE.

SKALE is a gas-free blockchain network capable of executing an enormous volume of web3 transactions. Their unique protocol is perfectly suited for high-demand clients like us, who require large amount of transactions with minimal cost, while still retaining high security. SKALE offers Exorde an execution layer that is scalable while still secured by the entire set of SKALE validators.

SKALE enables Exorde to operate on top of a high-speed & gasless blockchain, abstracting the technicalities such as gas costs, confirmations & transaction latency.

Furthermore, SKALE is a great protocol for obtaining your own unique dedicated blockchain space, therefore fully securing a protocol like ours.

Thanks to their help, with have been able to build, iterate and run the first versions of our testnet on their schains (elastics sidechains).

As Exorde’s hunger for data grows, our need for bigger, more powerful chains has arisen too, and we are proud to announce that we are well under way to receive a grant from SKALE in the near future and start the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration.

More about SKALE can be found here:

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