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'Knowledge Itself is Power.'
- Sir Francis Bacon, 1597

Exorde’s AI records and analyses millions of news and social media posts a day in real-time. Our data protects against disinformation, shows sentiment toward events, people or brands and predicts real-world financial market trends.

Cyber Security - Financial
Market Data - Public Narratives


High-accuracy market intelligence.

Alpha-driving signals
Historical datasets
Unique market data

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Monitor narratives with a modern AI/data approach.

Watch live shifts in public opinion about any topic, in any language, anywhere.

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Integrate our data
BI dashboards, ad-hoc reports, alerting systems.

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data use case.

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Plug social metrics into your trading strategies - understand what people think about live politics - or monitor your brand reputation

Exorde Platform Features

  • Millions of actively monitored topics
  • 100+ unique indicators to accurately quantify the Web
  • Enrich data-driven use cases with valuable metrics and opinions from the entire web
  • 100 000 000+ monthly posts in our search & analytics engine
  • Modern multilingual emotional AI analysis
Posts Processed over the last Hour:
177 086
Posts & Articles in our Historical Dataset:
200 000 000